Do you need a super special hug? Or a sweet selfie? Well, you are in for a treat then. An extraordinary Golden Retriever named Louboutina is offering hugs and photographs to everyone.


The story of Louboutina who was named after a French shoe designer is simply amazing. Initially, the dog behaved normally just as a typical Golden Retriever would do but then suddenly out of the blue, she started showing her exceptionally affectionate behavior. Louboutina’s unique behavior made her owner believe that she was an extraordinary dog.

It all began in the year 2014 when Louboutina’s owner Fernando Chavez had to deal with a relationship breakup. The breakup happened near Valentine’s day,  and Fernando was having a hard time coping with the situation.


Louboutina sensed her owner’s ordeal. She started holding Fernando’s hands frequently, and this helped Fernando a lot in dealing with the depression that he was facing at that time.


hand, woman, paw

Fernando says that Louboutina used to sit up and grab his hands with both her paws. This behavior deeply touched the owner, and he felt that the whole world needed this kind of affection, so Fernando embarked on a mission to introduce Louboutina to the world. He started walking Louboutina in a busy area in Chelsea, New York, but these walks were not just any ordinary walks.

Louboutina spent around two hours hugging random people during the walk, and everyone loved it. Louboutina has not looked back since then in her quest to make people happy. The hugging dog started getting more and more popular, and now she has reached celebrity status.

Louboutina has a well-followed Instagram page as well as a Facebook page.

The dog has been quite successful in making people amused and happy at the same time. Anyone can arrange a meeting with Louboutina by contacting the owner on social media. Louboutina surely has the ability to make anyone’s day!

Source: videoinspirational via Youtube



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