Build a Place Your Dog Would Like to Call Home
Build a Place Your Dog Would Like to Call Home

Building a place your dog would like to call home will make huge impacts in your household dynamics. Raising a dog is demanding as it is. Now with raising a large dog, well, expect for situations to get even bigger.


Here’s how you should prepare.

Choose a vet prior to taking your big dog home


You will be in close contact with your chosen vet throughout the lifespan of your dog. So why not introduce your new canine companion to their healer before you bring them home? Consider it their initial checkup.


During this first visit, make sure to have your pet checked for any health anomalies your new dog might have. Also, if your dog breeder did not give your pup core vaccinations, this is the best time to do so.

As to what considerations to make in choosing a vet, convenience should be on top of your priorities. This means one whose clinic is near where you live.

Buy the best crate

While you manage and train your dog, a good-quality crate will come in handy. You need it when you house-break your pet. You need it when there’s no one to look after them while you’re out on your regular routine.

Also, a crate will serve as your dog’s very own space come days when all they need is quiet. Make sure to shop for a crate that can actually house your dog once they grow into their full size. The last thing you want to do is keep upgrading from small to medium and eventually to a large crate.

Buy your canine their own orthopedic bed

Large canine breeds are prone to developing joint and hip problems. This is why they need an orthopedic bed. These beds are not only comfy, their quite beneficial health-wise as well.

Same with buying a new crate, you should purchase a dog bed that will fit your dog’s entire length once they become an adult.

Buy plenty of stimulating toys

All dogs need something to keep them preoccupied. This is the very purpose of dog toys. When shopping for these toys, make sure to pick both physically and mentally stimulating options. Also, don’t forget the basics, such as chewing toys.

Ensure that your chosen toys are quite resilient. You do not want a weekly trip to your nearby pet shop just because your dog keeps on obliterating the toys you’ve bought for them.

Choose the best food/diet for your dog

Good health begins with a healthy diet. This rule applies to humans and dogs like. If you are conscious about what you put inside your body, you should be as conscious when deciding what to put in your dog’s body.

Be mindful of food labels and ingredients. This is the only way you’ll know what nutrients your dog will be getting. Most importantly, consult with your vet with regards to the best diet plan for your large dog.

Once you have taken care of these things, it’s a sure bet your new dog will feel like home.

Build a Place Your Dog Would Like to Call Home
Build a Place Your Dog Would Like to Call Home


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