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controversial topics in the dog world
controversial topics in the dog world

Various topics have remained highly debatable in the dog community. If you are planning to bring a pooch to your home or own one already, you must be aware of controversial topics in the dog world.


Dog owners adopt various methods to train their pups. But when it comes to the dog world, the ideal ways to train these pets spark controversy between dog lovers and dog parents.

Breeding vs. Adoption

One controversy is whether people should support breeding or adopt homeless dogs.


Breeding can often be a brutal practice. Purchasing dogs from breeders decreases the chances of dogs in animal shelters to find a decent home.


Animal shelters end up with thousands of unwanted pups at their facilities because only 1 out of every 10 dogs born finds a permanent home. Also, hundreds of thousands of dogs are killed every year to decrease the dog population. This  is why people frown upon dog parents who buy their pets from breeders when a more humanitarian option is available.

Cosmetic Alterations

Cosmetic alterations of certain body parts is a favored practice among people who want their dog to look more ‘beautiful.’

This often includes cropping the dog’s ears, docking its tail, removing the dewclaws or changing their body shape and size to meet the owner’s ideal image of a dog.

Modifying the way a dog looks can range from changing their coat color by dyeing to using surgical procedures for altering their physical appearance. Some might even resort to removing tissues from the dog’s vocal cords to change the loudness and pitch of its bark.

Pet vs. Food

Note: If you have a weak stomach, it’s suggested that you stop reading now.

People all over the world know dogs as man’s best friend. But then there’s China where a significant portion of locals eat dogs as a source of meat.

In various Chinese cities such as Yulin, dogs have long been consumed as food. What’s worse is that they normally skin dogs alive. They are then seasoned, cooked, and served with alcohol.

Activists have protested against this practice but China still hasn’t banned dog consumption. One can only hope that other countries don’t pick up this disgusting tradition.

At some point you are sure to be exposed to these controversies in the dog world.

So, think carefully before you pick a side.



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