A life of solitude was not a common thing among dogs. They usually moved in packs or were looked after by their human family. But here he was, homeless and not the slightest bit interested in the idea of socializing with people.


Someone saw his situation and decided to notify an organization called Hope For Paws. The staff drove to the place as soon as they were able to. And there the dog was, relaxing under a vehicle parked not too far away.

Before they took on the job, they were warned that the dog was far from friendly. The rescuers were not thrilled about that discovery, but at least they knew what to expect. And that meant they could more easily avoid unwanted bites.



As expected, the dog was not thrilled to see them. The rescuers did manage to capture him, but his reaction was rather violent. Still, they were professionals and were able to handle the situation smoothly.

From the minute they stepped out of their vehicle, the dog knew they had come for him. The poor creature was terrified and dashed away immediately. He kept running until he reached a garage and hid under a vehicle.

The rescuers were fast enough to catch up to him. The entrance that the dog used was the only part of the garage that was open. And once the rescuers were in, they sealed that entrance to make sure the dog couldn’t escape.

The dog saw what they were trying to do. He tried to get past one of the rescuers who was trying to seal off his only exit. But when he got near, the other rescuer swiped at him with a snare, securing him by the neck.

The dog panicked, of course, and tried his best to get the snare off of him. The rescuers responded by trying to reassure him that they mean no harm. The dog continued to wail, and they let him, observing for the first time that his fur was matted.

Finally, things calmed down. And it was time to drive to the hospital. They bathed the dog so that they could remove the grime and the fleas. They then decided to call the dog Benji — it took him ten days to warm up to his new carers.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube




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