College students suffer from burnouts due to the stress and anxiety from a seemingly never-ending pile of books to read, projects to do, and exams to ace. But a club created a solution to this prevailing crisis.


The Seeing Eye is one of the oldest guide dog schools in the United States that trains dogs for the convenience of blind people. They partnered up with one of the schools in New Jersey, Rutgers University.


Rutgers University Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club (RUSEPRC) hosted about 10-25 college students to raise and foster the puppies-in-training inside the university. Most of these students belong to the animal science department that made it easy for them to bring their pups in class. And if inconveniences arise, they hire sitters like Ethan Saul to accompany the dogs.


Saul confessed he enjoyed his time interacting with the pups and admitted it was his ‘most favorite thing’ in the university. Sitting dogs alleviate his stress from the monotonous academic life.

The club’s chief mission for bringing these dogs-in-training begins with providing a social environment. With this, they prepare them for their future careers as the best guide dogs they could be.

Aside from providing a mountain of affection, the club makes sure to expose our furry friends to as many sights and smells and different environment and experiences as possible. Most importantly, they train them about the basic commands and obedience to better serve in the future.

Another fun factor about the club’s mission, when the dogs fail to be a service animal, their raisers get first dibs to adopt them. This idea is in contrast to being sent to an adoption center that might take forever for them to get picked.

Club members proudly promote their cause, saying that having these pups made a significant change to their college life into having a more positive atmosphere. The program of The Seeing Eye may be a massive help for the blind people, but these dogs already helped shape the lives of the Rutgers students in their early puppy lives.

In the beginning, they aim to teach these pups a lot, but the club members also learn from them in return.

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