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3 famous dogs in history
3 famous dogs in history

Dogs are employed in police forces, the military as well as for security, surveillance, and other similar purposes. But only a few people really know about the acts of valor, the courage, and bravery that these dogs demonstrate. They help catch bad guys, rescue those in distress, and save lives in various  ways. The stories of the 3 most famous dogs in history deserve to be shared. Enjoy!


1.     Rags

Rags was a mixed breed terrier that lived during the years 1916 to 1936 and went on to become a war hero.

He was taken in by Private James Donovan in Paris to the unit where he was deployed. He became a mascot for the 1st Infantry Division. When WWI started, Rags was a messenger. He carried notes and messages from headquarters to troops on the battlefield and back again. Even when he was slightly blinded during a bomb blast and gas attack it didn’t affect his performance. Rags died in 1936 and was buried with military honors. There’s a statue in Maryland in Rags’ remembrance.


2.     Chips

Chips, a mix breed of German Shepherd, was an American service dog in the US army in World War II. He was a revered member in the 3rd Infantry Division and went on to prove his fighting skills against countries like France, Germany, and Italy.


Some of the most noteworthy moments during his time in office include a fight against Italian gunmen to free himself and a  soldier from capture. He also assisted in the imprisonment of ten Italian soldiers and attacked a German gun nest that wasn’t visible to the other soldiers.

Chips received several awards such as the Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart, and Silver Star. He also received a posthumous medal for his acts of valor.

3.     Smokey

Smokey was a female Yorkshire terrier who was found near the American military base in New Guinea during WWII. He was adopted by soldier Bill Wynne who trained her how to follow basic commands. She would accompany Wynne and his regiment to the battlefield and saved their lives numerous times by alerting them about hidden gunmen and incoming fire.

Smokey was not just a savior but a healing presence for the soldiers. A statue was erected in Lakewood, Ohio to honor Smokey for the heroic dog that she was.

These brave and clever dogs shall be remembered for generations to come.



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