Playing with a dog
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top 2 games you can enjoy with your dog
top 2 games you can enjoy with your dog

Do you know what’s the one thing that’s common to all dogs regardless of their age, size, or even breed? They love to play. You will learn in this article the top 2 games you can enjoy with your dog.


While there’s no denying that dogs generally love to play the common game of fetch, the fact is that playing just one game over and over again can make them dull and inactive, if not bored altogether. And in case you haven’t heard it already, recent research says that playing fetch could actually be harmful to dogs.

When dogs carry something in their mouth, their body weight shifts onto the front legs. If done every day, this can lead to a repetitive strain injury, hurting their bones, joints, and even jaws when they hold objects with their teeth.


While you and your pup might love to play fetch, there are several other ways to have fun more safely.


Take a look at two of the best games for dogs that will make playtime more fun and productive and keep your dog healthy and active.

Playing with a Flirt Pole

A flirt pole or stick is one of the best accessories for playing with dogs. They are easy for owners to use and don’t require you to put in a lot of efforts. It is also a great way to keep dogs engaged in a healthy activity.

A flirt pole consists of a long stick with a rope attached at one end. The rope is tied to a toy or any other object that you use to lure your dog to chase it around. A flirt pole keeps dogs engaged, it stimulates their mind, and allows them to use their predatory instincts in a safe way. Using a flirt pole is also great for teaching dogs manners via impulse-control and teaches them to let go when commanded.

Practicing On Your Own Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses offer an opportunity for the dog and its owner to bond in a healthy way.

If you have a sufficiently large space in your home or garden, you can easily make your own obstacle course for dogs.

An obstacle course that’s designed around agility and teaching your dog new tricks can be a great way to have unlimited fun. Plus, it is an effective method to exercise your pooch’s brain and body as well.

An obstacle course will help develop muscular strength and improve cardiovascular endurance of your dog. Walking, jumping, hopping, and running in a certain pattern builds their locomotive skills, strengthens their heart, bones, and muscles.

Playing games is essential for your pup’s health. Find out which physical activity your dog enjoys the most so that you can make playtime more fun and paw-ductive.




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