A dog’s love and loyalty doesn’t stop just because the person they care about isn’t there anymore. They are always waiting for their humans to return to them no matter how long it may take. With a dog in Thailand named Leo, he had to wait four long years to be reunited with his lost owners.


A long wait

When a Thai local saw a dog sitting by the same spot along the intersection in Khon Kaen City every time he passed by, he couldn’t help but notice that the pooch seemed to be waiting for someone. At first, he thought that the dog was abandoned, but then saw that the pooched looked cared for and fed. This spiked the local’s curiosity further, and he decided to ask around about the doggie’s story.

His search for Leo’s story led him to meet a woman named Saowalak, who has been the one giving food and water to the dog as he stood his vigil. She first found him in the same place years ago, starving and suffering from a skin disease. She brought the pooch home and nursed him back to health, intending to keep him as her own. However, Leo kept on returning to that corner of the intersection every day as if waiting for someone important to return, so she just let him be.


Help from social media

After hearing the story, the Thai local decided to take the dog’s story to social media in hopes of reaching Leo’s owners. As luck would have it, the doggie’s owners did come across Leo’s story and immediately traveled back to Khon Kaen. It was a heartwarming reunion between the owners and the dog they thought to be lost forever.


However, when the family tried to take Leo home with them, they noticed that he was reluctant to leave the woman who has been with the dog for the past few years. This was when they decided to leave Leo with Saowalak and visit their loyal doggie as often as they could. Thanks to social media, Leo’s long wait has brought his old family back to him at last.

Check out Leo’s story here:

Source: Youtube | SocialViralTogo




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